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Ron Bowman
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Ron Bowman

Ron Bowman began his journey in video, showcasing the wonders of nature, science and the environment at National Geographic Television. There, he brought to life breathtaking landscapes, rare wildlife encounters, and awe-inspiring journeys that transported audiences to the farthest corners of the Earth. He went on to direct and write National Geographic TV’s first feature doc on climate change, Six Degrees Could Change the World, narrated by Alec Baldwin. With a masterful command of visual storytelling, Ron's documentaries not only informed but also sparked a deep sense of wonder and a concern to protect the planet we call home. His films and TV specials have been awarded 8 Emmy nominations, the George Foster Peabody Award, the Jackson Wild Media Award, and the WorldFest Houston Award.

Building on his success as a documentary filmmaker and an executive producer/show runner managing multi-episode series, Ron recognized the transformative potential of digital communications in amplifying the reach and impact of compelling stories. With an eye for emerging trends and technologies, he transitioned into the role of Vice President of Digital Communications for IGEL Technology, a leading company in the end user / IT industry.

At IGEL Technology, Ron harnessed his expertise in content creation, storytelling, and digital marketing to spearhead new digital campaigns that crystalized and communicated the company's mission, values, and product offerings to a global audience. His strategic vision and creative execution resulted in multimedia content that resonated with customers and stakeholders alike. Under his leadership, IGEL Technology saw significant growth in brand awareness, customer engagement, and market presence. His company history film, “Believe: The Story of IGEL Technology” was the 2020 Gold Stevie Award for Best Corporate Overview. His IGEL video won the 2021 Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest.

Whether it’s taking a small crew into the wild, creating innovative spots for Social, or show running AV for a 1000+ attendee live event, Ron continues to push boundaries. With the establishment of Let’s Go Video, a complete production company, organizations of all kinds can harness the power of video to reach their business goals.

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We are Let's Go Video.

As our name implies, we're ready to get things rolling and create something extraordinary for you.

We understand that venturing into video content can be intimidating, but relax! Our team is ultra-experienced to guide you through every step of the video journey. We're all about making this an approachable, accessible, and even, an enjoyable experience. Let us be your partner as we unlock your creativity and help you share your brand's captivating story with the world.


We've worked with businesses and entertainment networks, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring video work.  As the Chinese proverb says, “from a spark a fire will flare.”  We produce videos that ignite curiosity and spark awareness about your products and services.


Our founder and CEO, Ron Bowman puts the lessons he learned in 20 years of award-winning broadcast television to work for the goals of corporate clients. The master storytelling techniques he developed for National Geographic TV, Discovery Channel, TLC, History, PBS and ABC News are all utilized at Let’s Go Video for “story-driven marketing.”


Our mission is simple yet powerful – we're here to help you harness the true power of story-driven marketing. We go beyond a simple rendition of product or service features, weaving narratives that captivate and resonate. We deepen the connection between your brand and your audience. This, in turn, drives conversions and fuels your business growth.


Let’s get going on this video journey and get ready to make an impact with Let's Go Video, where creativity, passion, and a bit of magic combine to create video experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Our Process

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At Let’s Go Video, we can seamlessly transform your company's messaging architecture into compelling video content.


When you collaborate with us, we initiate a comprehensive Let's Go Video Messaging Workshop, involving key stakeholders, to meticulously decipher your brand story, values, and objectives. Through this process, we craft a thorough messaging framework that effectively conveys your core essence, tailored to resonate with diverse target audiences.



Let’s Go Video Assessment — We are thrilled to extend a valuable opportunity to our new clients: a complimentary review of your existing video marketing assets.


With no obligations attached, this assessment allows us to evaluate the alignment of your current videos with contemporary trends and techniques in the industry. Additionally, we thoroughly examine the optimization levels of your videos for social media platforms, ensuring maximum impact and reach. Take advantage of this invaluable service to enhance your video presence and propel your brand forward.

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Ready to tell your story?

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