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Targeted Video Campaigns

Harness the power of video campaigns to boost your business's awareness and growth. Engage viewers with captivating visuals, showcase your products/services, and tell your brand's story. Reach specific audiences with targeting options and increase your brand's reach and exposure through viral sharing.


Measure campaign performance and repurpose video content across multiple platforms for maximum impact. Elevate your marketing strategy and drive success.



At Let’s Go Video, we will help you create engaging videos that will grow your brand. We take care of everything from scriptwriting to filming to editing to finishing. 

Why Compromise Campaign
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Why Compromise Campaign

We created multiple versions of this campaign video  to suit various hardware partners involved, featuring their own on-camera representatives, products and graphics.

Perfect Partners Campaign

Use of black white imagery was played off against a single yellow “+” to fortify the message delivered in short, under 60sec social media videos.