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Museum Video Production

Let’s Go Video offers comprehensive video services tailored for museums seeking to engage, educate, and inspire. We create impactful videos that showcase the value of museums as cultural anchors in communities. 


For the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art we created a 25th anniversary video to provide a captivating introduction to the rich history of the museum, giving visitors insight into the transformative moments that shaped SVMA, while providing inspiration to potential donors. 


Are you looking for videos to immerse your audiences in captivating biographical backgrounds of artists?  


For National Geographic, we profiled the work of photographer Spencer Tunick, known for shooting large groups of nudes in public spaces, and Chris Rainier, who photographs tattoo art in traditional societies. For the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, we assisted in the production of three art biographies: Winslow Homer, John James Audubon, and John F. Peto. 


With our video production services, your museum can effectively communicate its value, captivate audiences, and enhance the visitor experience.




...harnessing the power of video to promote your museum.

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art
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Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

The museum was looking for a way to enhance its annual fund-a-need event, inspiring potential donors with a video highlighting its importance to the community, its legacy of innovative exhibits and the value of its educational programs.

       "Brilliant! Thank you so much.We are so fortunate to have had you making the video for the Gala fundraising effort."- Linda Keaton, Exec Director, SVMA

SVMA 25th Anniversary

The museum wanted to honor its founders for its 25th anniversary celebration. We conducted extensive research and multiple interviews to create the video. 

     "What a fantastic video.Love the great look back at history and all the stories from those who helped make it happen. Absolutely perfect for our 25th anniversary." Ken Stokes, SVMA Board President